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Know More About Your Lights

How to connect Yeelight devices to Apple Homekit and Siri Shortcut.

Launch the Yeelight APP and access the main menu on the top left conner.
Tap on ‘Firmware Update’. If you have already updated your firmware to the latest version, you can skip this step
For all active bulbs, you will see an ‘Update’ button if there is any new update. Tap on the ‘Update’ button to update the firmware.
After the update is completed, tap on the bulb and access its menu.
Tap on ‘Add Siri Shortcuts’ (refer to the last step). If your device is not Apple Homekit compatible. For Apple Homekit device you can tap Add to Home.
It will detect the currently available HomeKit settings to add the Yeelight. For my case, I will select ‘My Home’. Do note that both device must be on the same wifi network.
There will be a prompt to add the light bulb.Tap ‘Continue’.
The Yeelight color bulbs is successfully added to HomeKit. You can speak naturally to Siri in your prefer ways to control the lights. 
For Siri Shortcut  device you can set your own phase to turn on or turn off the lights. You must use the same phase you set for this case.