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Transform your living spaces and illuminate your world with smart LED bulbs, dynamic light strips, and sleek lamps that seamlessly blend style with functionality.

Control colors, brightness, and ambiance effortlessly through the Yeelight app or voice commands

Yeelight mosquito repellent lamp
Mosquito Repellent Killer

Keep your family safe

  • Up to 8 hrs battery

  • Emits ultraviolet light

  • Child safe function

  • Easy clean

Light Strip ext.jpg
Aurora Lightstrip plus extension

Extending the flow  of colours in your life

  • Extention for Aurora Lightstrip Plus

  • 1-meter in length

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Yeelight wirless charger.jpg
Wireless Charging Nightlight

Juicing up your phone

  • Qi wireless charging up to 15W

  • Dual-mode (warm/cool white)

  • Up to 12 hrs battery for nightlight

  • Magnetic base nightlight

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motion sensor battery.jpg
Rechargeable Sensor Nightlight

Not afraid of darkness

  • Dual-mode (motion/always on)

  • Advance dual-sensor (infrared/light)

  • Up to 120 days on one charge

  • Magnetic base

  • Build-in hook 

  • Brightness: up to 7lm

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Yeeligh Smart switch dimmer
Smart Dimmer (Wireless Version)

The new generation of control

  • Bluetooth

  • Dimmer

  • On /Off

  • Change mode

  • Adjust lighting temperature 

  • Up to 50,000 times of pressing

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Light Strip.jpg
Aurora Lightstrip plus

Flowing colours in your life

  • Wi-Fi enabled

  • IP 6x Bug-proof and dust-proof

  • Dimmable and adjustable colour temperature

  • 16 million colour

  • 2-meter default length

  • Extendable up to 10 m

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led filament.jpg
LED Filament Light

Classic yet simple

  • Wi-Fi enabled

  • IP 2x Bug-proof and dust-proof

  • Dimmable and adjustable colour temperature

  • Clear glass bulb

  • Advance chipset to get energy effection

  • Power Consumption 6W

  • Brightness: up to 700lm

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Yeelight candela lamp
Candela Lamp

Enjoy the warm effect of a candle

  • Bluetooth mesh

  • Connect up to 30,000 of the same device

  • Up to 8 hrs battery

  • Brightness: up to 17lm

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Yeelight Sensor makeup mirror
Sensor Makeup Mirror

Shine like a Crystal

  • 3 Makeup lighting mode

  • Advance auto light up sensor

  • Ra95 colour index

  • HD silver mirror

  • 2000mAh battery build-in

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