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Yeelight Mosquito Repellent Lamp!

Protect your loved ones this dengue season with our Yeelight Mosquito Repellent Lamp!

Find Out How to use your Yeelight Lifestyle 

This video was shot by zing gadget, in Chinese. In this video you will see our Sensor Make-up Mirror, J1 Spot & J1 Clip...

Setting Up Yeelight Tv Lighting Effect with Xiaomi TV

With your Google TV edition from Xiaomi TV, you can enjoy stunning effect while watching your movie.

Setting Up Your Aurora Lightstrip Plus

Showing on how to use your Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip.

Crystal Mini Sensor Ceiling Light

Showing on the function and location where you can use and install the Yeelight Crystal Mini Sensor Ceiling Light

Galaxy Ceiling Light

Showing on the function of our yeelight galaxy ceiling light 320 which can be control via Bluetooth remote and google home.

Motion Sensor Night Light

Showing on 2 different ways you can engage the turning on of the light from auto to always on. Hang using the build in hook.

Find Out How Yeelight can help the less fortunate

This video was done by Channel News Asia. We will try our best to bring more affordable lighting to the less fortunate family

Find Out How to use your Yeelight Mosquito Swap

This video was shot by zing gadget, in Chinese on how to use the Yeelight Mosquito Swap.

Setting Up Your Yeelight with you PC/Mac

You can use your Yeelight with your PC or Mac and enjoy the stunning effect from your game or movie.

Sensor Make Up Mirror

Showing on how our crystal clear HD sliver and wonderfully light up in 3 different mode 

Galaxy Ceiling Light Kids

Showing on the IP60 rating lights for your kids bedroom and others function where you can use it.

Serene Eyes Friendly Desk Lamp

Showing on one of the very 1st desk lamp which is built around  technology that protect you eyes. Totally free of blue light.

Desk Lamp (Rechargerable)

Showing on the power of using our desk lamp anytime any where as long as you have charge it up before hand.

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