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Yeelight Smart Cube

From Clock to Club, Transform Your Space!

Modular cube connection.png

Modular Lights, Snap-on Assembly

A base Cube and 5 extension packs magnetically merge into any formation you dream up. Stack them, line them up - the design possibilities are infinite. Let the excitement flow!

Cube Combo.png

Design Your Inspire Light as You Fit

A standard Cube with 5 extension packs can be combined magnetically into any versatile combo. You can arrange them side by side vertically or horizontally. The fun doesn't stop.

Yeelight Station Mobile.png

Stack and Express!

With Yeelight Station Mobile App, transform your Cubes into a vibrant canvas of emojis, letters, numbers, and more. Let your personal style shine! 

Yeelight Station PC.png

Your PC Screen, Reimagined

Choose from an array of creative light effects to create the ideal ambiance for any event. Be it a rainbow effect for a party, bonfire effect for a movie night, or aurora effect for a gaming session - Cube caters to every mood.

metter 1.png

One Smart Light to Rule Them All

Meet Cube - Yeelight's first creation compatible with Matter, bridging Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Yandex Alice, and Samsung SmartThings. Forget juggling multiple smart platforms - delight in one light that harmonizes with them all.

Yeelight Cube

Yeelight Cube

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