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Yeelight Spotlight M2, Downlight M2 and Downlight M2 Pro learn about the key differences.

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The Yeelight Mesh Spotlight M2, Downlight M2 and Downlight M2 Pro is recently added to the Yeelight offer are distinguished by their versatility and functionality. Although all three models are very similar to each other, they differ in some important details.

It is worth knowing them in order to properly choose a product that meets your needs and expectations. The new Yeelight spotlight and downlight has many applications therefor knowing specific information about them can prove invaluable.

So let's take a look at the most important differences that separate these devices.

Luminous flux - provide yourself with optimal brightness

One of the parameters that we often pay attention to when buying lamps is, of course, the brightness of the light they generate.

It depends, among other things, on how many devices we will have to install and how to arrange them to optimally illuminate a specific space.

With Yeelight Mesh lighting this is not an issue as you can connect multiple gateway if needed and each gateway can easily connect up to 25 devices without any hassle. Best of all the Hubs can be wireless connected via Wi-Fi if lan cable is not available.

Both Downlight M2 and Spotlight M2 are characterized by a luminous flux of 350 lm. In the case of Downlight M2 Pro, this value is higher and amounts to 600 lm.

Use this information to provide yourself with a perfectly lit environment for comfortable work or rest.

* Do noted that china version is only 300lm Downlight M2 and Spotlight M2.

* Do note that china version is only 500lm for M2 pro downlight.

Light distribution angle - adjust the lighting to the application

When choosing lighting fixtures, you should also pay attention to the angle of light distribution. It depends on him how the device will brighten up a given space. The larger it is, the more diffused the lighting will be, and the smaller it is, the more focused.

The Yeelight Mesh Downlight M2 and M2 Pro light distribution angle is 75 ° and 65 ° respectively.

Therefore, these devices will work well, for example, in the living room or bedroom, providing lighting that favors relaxation.

Yeelight Mesh Spotlight M2 are characterized by an angle of 30 °, which means that the light they generate is much more focused.

Thanks to this, you can successfully use them, for example, in the kitchen, where they perfectly illuminate the countertops or table, allowing you to comfortably cook or eat prepared meals.

Dimensions - take care of the correct assembly of your devices

For the proper use of lighting fixtures, their dimensions are of course also important. Pay attention to this parameter to avoid unpleasant surprises when assembling the products. Importantly, you should check not only the size of the device itself, but also the recommended diameter of the hole in which you will place it.

What does it look like with the new Yeelight Mesh Downlight.

The dimensions of the Yeelight Mesh Spotlight M2 and Downlight M2 are ⌀93 × 73.5mm. In order to properly mount these devices, you need to make a hole in the ceiling with a diameter of 70-80 mm. The Yeelight Mesh Downlight M2 Pro light fixture is slightly larger. Its dimensions are ⌀113 × 81.5 mm. Therefore, a wider opening is also required for its installation. Its diameter should be 90-100 mm. If you remember about these parameters and recommendations, you can easily place your devices in selected places.

Choose the right lighting fixture for you

You already know the most important differences between the new Yeelight Mesh Downlight.

In addition to the parameters described, the devices also have a different rated power

5W for Spotlight M2

5W for Downlight M2

8W for Downlight M2 Pro

That's all you need to know to choose the right products for their intended use and enjoy perfect room lighting in your home!

A happy Yeelight Singapore Customer home.

Yeelight Products

Light distribution angle


Rated power


The dimensions of the opening

Spotlight M2

30 °

350 lm


⌀93 × 73.5 mm

70-80 mm

Downlight M2

75 °



⌀93 × 73.5 mm

70-80 mm

Downlight M2 Pro

65 °



⌀113 × 81.5 mm


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