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Know More About Your Lights

How to Create a Scene in Yeelight APP

Open the Yeelight APP and select Scene, click create scene.
For more advanced user click on the “+” to have more custom scene. For this example we will select Movie
Please select the lights you wanted to control in this scene. You can add the same selected lights to others scene. Once done click "Next Step".
Your 1st scene have been created. To add more scene click on the "+" at the right top corner.  To edited the scene click on the text for this case "Movie".
You can manage the lights device or rename the scenes and change the icon or add the scene to Siri shortcut. 
For iOS user you can also make the scene as Siri shortcut. Type in the words that you like for this case we are using "Movie Time" . Once done click Add to Siri.