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Know More About Your Lights

How to connect Yeelight devices to Yeelight App in Singapore ?

Download Yeelight APP. Sign up or sign in to your account. Click the “Device” icon on the lower-right corner.
Click “+” on the upper-right to add a device. Then select the device you would like to add. This instruction uses Yeelight Color Bulb as an example.
Please check if your device is ready for connection. You might need to connect it to power or reset it. Then connect it to WIFI following the instruction on the screen.
Select the Wi-Fi network to be connected with and input the password. It only works on a 2.4Ghz wi-fi network.
Follow the instructions on the screen and select the Wi-Fi network titled “yeelink- light-xxx” on the Wi-Fi network list on your cellphone and then get back to Yeelight App.
Wait for the device to be successfully connected
The Color Bulb has been added to “My Device”
Click on its icon to see what you can do with your device!
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