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Know More About Your Lights

How To Setup Kodi With Yeelight in Singapore

Open Yeelight APP. Under my device select the lights that you want it to link with Kodi Apps.
Click on the arrow-up buttons to bring up the additional menu settings to turn on the lan control option.
Click the button to turn on lan control.
Open the Kodi Apps on your device and select Add-0n , Click on Install from repository files.
kodi 2.png
Download the plug-in from Here. Save the file on the same device as Kodi. Thereafter select Install from Zip file.
Wait for the Add-on to be install
kodi 3.png
kodi 4.png
After the lank Repository has been installed you can select back and return to the add-on and service and select YeeMee to install 
Return to the add-on page and select YeeMee plug in to link up your yeelight
kodi 5.png
kodi 6.png
Click on try to discover bulbs, the YeeMee plug it will then scan for all the yeelight with lan control turn on. To have the best effect only select lights with 16 million colors.
Please make sure that the lights and the Kodi apps are connected to the same network. Once the pop up is show select yes. Max only 8 lights is support.
kodi 7.png
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